increase conversions using social proof

Building trust and putting online shoppers at ease are important parts of ecommerce marketing and merchandising, since very few folks will hand over payment card information to a business they are uncertain about.

When confronted with some level of uncertainty — “Is this product right for me?” “Is this an online store I can trust?” — shoppers may use social proof to help make buying decisions. In effect, these customers are willing to put their trust in their peers.

Selling online comes with tons of challenges. Getting people to the site is not a problem and it can be done in many ways, but getting them to follow through with what they decide to purchase is another. is a modern digital retailer of interior design products based in Stockholm. They offer a wide range of scented candles, fragrances and handmade products.

The founders, Adam and Fredrik, decided to try MergeNotify social proof notifications in order to show their visitors they aren’t the only ones at the party.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 18.38.51.png

By adding MergeNotify to their store and creating a targeted notification, they managed to boost their store conversion rate by 15%, and from 4% to 7% in general.


Nice, isn’t it?

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